Gaining is an interactive website that "rejoices in feederism". Darling Nicki is what is called a "feedee" and when asked about her weight gain and her web site, I think she explains it best: "With each pound that envelopes my body, I can't help noticing the incredible suppleness that consecrates every inch of me. Just one touch, and my body is filled with elation. Nothing gratifies me more than a caress to my succulent fat. The more I gain, the more erotic I feel. I can't wait to amuse myself with the plunder of my blossoming figure. And once, I'm as fat as I desire, you will know how much I love it because my breasts will bounce and jiggle wildly every time my heart pounds." Nicki's site is a very cute design, filled with clean graphics and fast loading pages as not to hamper your surfing experience. As I mentioned before, Nicki is a beautiful girl. She has the perkiest set of tits on a woman of that size I have ever seen! She started her site in May of 2003 at a "mere" 280 pounds. In the first 6 months she gained over 60 pounds and loves every inch of her expanding flesh! My favorite gallery was number 43, featuring photos of Nicki in the tiniest of denim mini skirt and red thong. She strips down to her birthday suit and twiddles her perfectly shaved twat to a messy orgasm. Speaking of her twat, she talks about it immensley in her on-line journal, where she chronicles the trials and tribulations of being a growing fat girl.

Gaining Goddess has been the hot topic for quite some time now.Here we have, an “averaged-sized” woman, unnaturally trying to gain weight in an attempt to be like the big girls. She’s been on Access Hollywood, Dr. Phil and various popular late night talk shows - praising the fat - proclaiming her envy of fat women for all to hear. When Goddess first appeared on the ‘net, I convinced myself this was a bad thing. That feeding (and feedees) was nothing more than a mockery of what a BBW truly stood for. That women like her had No Right to do this. Bullshit. Gaining Goddess is, in my opinion, the biggest compliment the BBW community has received in a long time. Women of all shapes and sizes around the world pick up magazines like Cosmopolitan and Purge Weekly everywhere they go, focusing on images that tell themselves fat is bad. They try they’re hardest, exercising, dieting, running amuck, slaving foolishly to look like that 2% of skinny celebrities in the world. I realize now there is no difference between Goddess loading up on Oreos, and Susan from down the street speed walking on her treadmill. I’m rambling now… let’s check out GG’s site. And ONE HELL of a site it is! Goddess’ site is perfect equivalent of her shape shifting figure - fat in all the right places. The look of her site overall is very clean; easy navigation blah blah blah. I’m a man, who cares. NOW THE TITTIES! Oh the titties on this woman! I drooled heavily over GG’s mounds of flesh in her photo sets (each showcasing 75 pics or more per set). My cockhead span around and threw up like Linda Blair as I goggled at her self-pleasuring Exorcist vid (a very fine treat; I also greatly enjoyed a dance clip set to some "gangsta musik". Word.). Hell all I did really was gawk at her gorgeous high-res videos - all of ‘em (and she has undated way more since then, so you know I’m joining again soon!). There’s also a member’s post board for those who wish to shower her with compliments and calculate just how much she’s gained over her life feast. From the hairy palmers to the nerds, there’s something for everyone! Unfortunately, the hottest dildo action in a masturbation vid I watched in quite awhile, “Pure Estacy”, contained no sound whatsoever. And I KNEW she was royally getting off in that vid… definitely looked like it anyway. Also, the lack of hardcore i.e. no sucking, fucking, tittie-tucking (I would have KILLED for some tittie-tucking!) had my little big guy begging for some XXX Goddess. Eh. Nobody’s perfect. Plus I got personal issues, so… hmm. Overall, Gaining Goddess’s total slice is well done and bloody as hell. My appetite was very wetted, and the leftovers I brought home will last a lifetime. If you’ve ever been curious or had something against the feedees, quit cha bitching and join this site. The Feedees Are Here To Stay. Deal with it And give in to The Goddess. One day, hopefully, when those same weight-watchers take notice to the revolution and start loving the gain, you may never see the likes of her again. Or she’ll be everywhere... who the hell knows. Either way, you don't wanna miss this woman. Great Site!

The Final Verdict:

Crave’s Rating - 8 out of 10

“Is it worth it?”
If you love to jack off, Yes.


Hello Nicki… hope I spelled that correctly. First of all it is a pleasure to meet you. I just want to say thank you so much for your site, your attitude about it, your high self-esteem and confidence. Your graciousness to allow us FAs, Feeders and plain guys to view you and your extraordinary Growth!! It has been truly amazing!!! I joined your site earlier in the month to see what it was all about. I had seen the update pics on the paysite board many times and wanted to view for a long time. And wow was I amazed, dumbfounded, I admit to drooling, shocked and truly taken back by your BOOTY, your Beauty, your style, your alluring eyes your sweet smile, your soft pudgy round jiggly belly, your thunder thighs and titanic tush! Mmmmmmm got me very excited to see you anytime believe me and your journal entries were awesome too you were just upfront and honest about how you felt and how you feel about your attitude toward it how you enjoy your fat body how you love your rolls and love handles your butt and your thighs and even the parts that some would say was too explicit to talk about but I thought that took a great amount of courage to talk honestly about and I commend you for that.

Glorious Prettyness !!! Glorious Plumpyness !!! How a very very very attractive BBW YOU are indeed !!! Literally a dream come true !!! I just downloaded all your pics from your very recently discovered supersite, which is very seldom for me,why ? Simply because you are an exceptional lady: You have a very very pretty face indeed ,so beautiful !!! You have meaty thighs and I would love to burry my face in them (grin !) And ABOVE ALL You have deliciously large arms and I have always been very very attracted indeed by thick arms ! (i don't know why but it is so !). Your arms deserve the attention of a person like me that would spend countless hours making them very happy. Just thinking of the flesh folding over the ends of the elbows....what delightful flesh to nibble ! Thank you for all those wonderful pics. I will never get too many of them. Very happy day to you. Hugs and kisses ( french ones )

I have been enjoying your weight gain progress from your very first post on Dimensions. Almost 2 years now . I also read your posts in your yahoo group as well as on your boards thru your paysite. I look forward each day to a Nicki fix. I find you the sexiest woman I've ever seen on here. Not only that but you have a great personality thru your posts. I know within a few months you will reach the 400 lb milestone. Just wanted to let you know that this FA does appreciate you and thanks you for sharing your life on the internet.

Oh God Nicki…. you are without a doubt THE most beautiful woman that has eve been created!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your genetics are EEEEEEEEXXXXXXXXQUISITE, you store your weight in ALL the most EXQUISITE places, revealing that your genetics are a SUPERB, PENIS SWELLING MASTERPIECE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh God Nicki…. I love your new pics, you are a penis swelling PAAAAAAAARADISE!!!!!!!!!!! I love seeing your dildo go in and out of your plump pussy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh NICKI… you are my absolute DREEEEEEEEEEEEEEAM woman, the most beautiful, PLUMP woman that I have ever seen in my entire life, I want to marry you more than any other woman on EARTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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